Dr Giacomo Rossitto

Place of Employment      Università degli Studi di Padova

Current Research or area of work

hypertension and the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system; basic and clinical aspects of whole-body sodium homeostasis; tissue congestion in cardiovascular disease; microvascular (blood and lymphatic) biology in cardiovascular disease

Leadership Roles

PhD supervisor (International PhD Course in Arterial Hypertension and Vascular Biology, University of Padua, Italy). Early-Career Research group leader. Involved in the ‘Early Career Researchers’ working group of the ECCR

Reason they joined ECCR in particular why you wanted to be on the Committee

ECCR offers an “intimate” opportunity for interaction of clinicians, scientists and clinician-scientists, with a highly translational profile.

I have already been part of the Early Career Researchers working group of the ECCR in the last years and I’ve actively participated in the societal activities, in the organization of the Annual Meetings, of educational webinars and of networking events with international societies that expanded visibility and breadth of the Council.

In the Executive Committee, I will continue to share my expertise, enthusiasm, and exquisitely translational approach, to generate collaborations, to help further developing ECCR and to facilitate projects and advancements on topics that are nowadays extremely relevant to the entire Cardio-Vascular-Renal- Metabolic field, which I see as the large future horizon for ECCR.

Favourite book that you would recommend and why

Any, by Josè Saramago: writing style, acumen, societal relevance

Journals that you find interesting

Circulation, Circulation research, European Heart Journal, Cardiovascular Research, Hypertension Clinical Science, AJP heart and circ

Interesting articles

Rossitto G, Maiolino G, Lerco S, Ceolotto G, Blackburn G, Mary S, Antonelli G, Berton C, Bisogni V, Cesari M, Seccia TM, Lenzini L, Pinato A, Montezano A, Touyz RM, Petrie MC, Daly R, Welsh P, Plebani M, Rossi GPR, Delles C. High Sodium Intake, Glomerular Hyperfiltration and Protein Catabolism in Patients with Essential Hypertension. Cardiovascular Research, 2021 Apr 23;117(5):1372

Rossitto G, Mary S, McAllister C, Neves KB, Haddow L, Rocchiccioli JP, Lang NN, Murphy CL, Touyz RM, Petrie MC, Delles C. Reduced Lymphatic Reserve in Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2020 Dec 15;76(24):2817-2829

Rossitto G, Mary S, Chen JY, Boder P, Chew KS, Neves KB, Alves RL, Montezano AC, Welsh P, Petrie MC, Graham D, Touyz RM, Delles C. Tissue sodium excess is not hypertonic and reflects extracellular volume expansion. Nat Commun. 2020 Aug 24;11(1):4222