Early Career Researchers Network


Francisco Rios, PhD, Glasgow, UK

Marta Gil-Ortega, PhD, Madrid, Spain

Gokce Topal, PhD, Istambul, Turkey

Igor Silva, PhD, Odensee, Denmark

Early Careers Researchers from the ECCR

ECR-ECCR is a collaborative network affiliated to ECCR that brings together a multidisciplinary and international group of early career researchers (ECR) to incentive collegiality, collaboration and mentorship needed for every ECR to grow in their professional career.

We consider ECR as an undergraduate or postgraduate student or an early career researcher in a postdoctoral or lecturer position.

Our aims:
• To provide support and information regarding to the career path.
• To facilitate communication about ECCR activities amongst its ECR members.
• To incentivize career support guidance by sharing experience of senior members of the

ECCR in a programme of mentorship scheme.
• Disseminate information about career opportunities.
• Work together with ECCR management group to promote the name of the society and bring more young affiliates from several areas of cardiovascular research.

We will advocate:
• To increase the visibility of the young scientists in the scientific society.
• To promote equality among the scientists to make sure we all get the similar opportunities.