Francisco Rios

Full Name (including title): Francisco Rios, MSc, PhD

Education (including subjects): B.Sci  in Pharmacy, MSc and PhD in immunology

Date of Birth: 25/06/1979

Place of Employment: University of Glasgow

Current Research or area of work: Magnesium transporters and inflammatory mechanisms in cardiovascular diseases.

Leadership Roles: Member of Trainee Advocacy Committee (TAC) – council on Hypertension research – AHA; Staff representative at the Research Planning and Strategy Committee from the University of Glasgow; ICAMS representative in the College Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Committee from the University of Glasgow. Social Media Editor of the Hypertension journal. Member of the Athena Swan and NERD (Network for Early career Researcher Development)-ICAMS.

Reason they joined ECCR in particular why you wanted to be on the Committee:

I am international mid-career scientist working at the BHF-ICAMS, University of Glasgow. In the University I have participated in several societies focusing in the disseminate the research knowledge. I see the ECCR as one of the most important societies in the research on cardiovascular diseases, including basic and clinical aspects. My interest to join the ECCR as Early Career Researcher it to contribute to congregate and incentivise the trainees and young investigators in their career path, by creating a platform for interaction between students and new investigators to allow new avenues for communication, mentorship, collaboration and education.

Favourite book that you would recommend and why:

The Last Flight of the Flamingo – Mia Couto. The author creates an interesting scenario, which brings together the consequences of the civil war, adding narratives of faith, mysticism and behaviour of amazing people. It is an extraordinary, luminous and strange prose.

Journals that you find interesting:

Journal of Experimental Medicine, Nature reviews molecular cell biology, Nature immunology, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Hypertension, Circulation, Cardiovascular Research, Circulation Research. Interesting articles and any other information of interest!

Something personal about yourself outside of work (something you enjoy doing, an unusual hobby or challenge):

Jogging, meet friends, cinema