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The Mentorship Programme of the ECCR was created to foster a training and networking environment to all early and mid-career members of the ECCR in the form of mentorship for future career progress.

Our objectives are:

  • To stimulate scientific networking between trainees/early/mid-career members and other members of the ECCR.
  • To stimulate interaction between senior (mentor) and junior (mentee) where the primary purpose is professional growth of the mentee.
  • To facilitate the learning of skills related, but not limited to science, career development, scientific independence, grant applications, research integrity, and time management (work and personal).

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Past Events

ECCR First Mentoring Event was held on September 23rd 2021

On September 23rd 15.30 CET we had kick off our new mentoring programme with an exciting online round table discussion on the many aspects of mentorship. Our guests were from different areas of research or careers in science and at different stages of their careers. The aim of our first live activity was to promote the culture of mentorship by learning from our guest’s perspectives and experiences as mentees and mentors. Participants were as follows:

Senior clinician scientist: Prof. Rhian M. Touyz, Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences, BHF Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre (UK) and Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (Canada)

  • Academia and industry scientist: Prof. Grith Lykke Sørensen, University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)
  • Industry scientist: Dr. Marko Poglitsch, Managing Director, Attoquant Diagnostics GmbH (Austria)
  • Early career researcher: Dr. Giacomo Rossitto, Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy), Honorary Research Fellow Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow, UK

Joint session European Council for Cardiovascular Research (ECCR) – High blood pressure research council of Australia (HBPRCA) at ISH/ESH meeting, April 11th – 14th, 2021 


Chairs: Thomas Unger (ECCR), Markus Schlaich (HBPRCA)

ECCR: Matthias Barton (University of Zurich, Switzerland): Update on Estrogens in Cardiovascular Disease (15 mins)

HBPRCA: Yugeesh R. Lankadeva (University of Melbourne, Parkville, Australia): Sympatho-inhibitory effects of dexmedetomidine reduces catecholamine requirements to restore target blood pressure and preserves renal oxygenation and function in septic acute kidney injury (15 mins)

ECCR: Rheure Alves-Lopes (Winner of ECCR 2019 YI Competition) – Inhibition of ACE C-domain and neprilysin in a chronic angiotensin II-dependent mouse model of hypertension (15 mins)

HBPRCA: Niamh Chapman (University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia) – Embedding better blood pressure measurement in existing primary care services (15 mins)


Joint webinar ECCR – Turkish Society of Pharmacology

On behalf of the organizing committee of the ECCR & Turkish Society of Pharmacology (TFD), we would like to thank you most sincerely for the great success of the joint webinar Covid-19 and the Cardiovascular System: From Basic Mechanisms to Clinical Perspectives.

The webinar attracted more than 500 participants of which 7,7% were Undergraduate Students, 14,1% Master Students, 35% PhD Students and 42% Academicians.

We received extremely positive feedback from people across the world, both regarding the webinar content and structure, as well as the technical support.

You can watch or download the video of the webinar by clicking here.

BHF CoRE Glasgow Virtual Symposium 2021 – April 26th, 2021 (from 13:00 – 16:30 BST)

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Experimental Biology 2020 Symposium of the American Physiological Society

The Protective Arm of the Renin-Angiotensin System – April 30th, 2021 (2.00 -3.30 pm)

Chairs: Rhian Touyz, Glasgow and Thomas Unger, Maastricht

• The meaning of Mas – Michael Bader, Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC)
• The many aspects of cross-talk between the AT2-receptor and Mas – Ulrike Muscha
Steckelings, University of Southern Denmark
• The protective ACE2/Ang 1-7/Mas axis in stroke – Colin Sumners College of Medicine,
University of Florida Gainesville
• Novel therapeutic approaches upregulating the ACE2/angiotensin-(1-7)/Mas axis 
Ludovit Paulis, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
• AT2 agonists as treatment for vascular damage associated to obesity – Marta Gil-Ortega, Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid

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