2023 Virtual Meeting

ECCR Virtual Annual Meeting 2023

Was held on Friday 24 – Saturday 25 November 2023


Friday, November 24th (All times are CEST/CET)

09:00-09:30       Welcome and Opening – Carmine Savoia, ECCR president (Italy)

09:30-11:00       Session 1

Chairs: Matthias Barton (Switzerland), Muscha Steckelings (Denmark)

(in each talk + 30 min general discussion) 

  • Cardiorenal Protective Effects of Combining SGLT2 Inhibition, Endothelin Receptor Antagonism and RAS Blockade in Type 2 Diabetic Mice. Ander Vergara (Spain).
  • Obesity and cardiovascular disease: mechanisms and therapeutic solutions. Massimo Volpe (Italy).
  • Angiotensin-(1-5): A new hormone within the RAAS? Muscha Steckelings (Denmark).


11:00-12:30       Abstract session 1: Presentations of selected abstracts

9 ABSTRACTS (8 min presentation + 2 Discussion)

Chairs: Ana M Briones (Spain), Marko Poglitsch (Austria)

11:00-11:10 –     A.F. Rodrigues: Brain Local Angiotensin II Production Relies on Renin Activity.

11:10-11.20 –     Beatriz Delgado-Valero: Let-7f-5p mediates galectin-3 renal deleterious effects through endoplasmic reticulum stress activation in obese rats with myocardial infarction.

11:20-11:30 – Sthéfanie Chaves de Almeida Gonçalves: Angiotensin-(1-7) protective effect on anxiety and depression-like behaviors in asthmatic mice.

11:30-11:40 – Federico Bernardo Rossi: The Water and electrolytes content in salt-dependent human HYpertension in the SKIn (WHYSKI) before and after surgical cure of primary aldosteronism.

11:40-11:50 – Igor Maciel Souza-Silva; Phosphoproteomics analysis reveals that angiotensin-(1-5) inhibits the mTOR signalling pathway in endothelial cells associated with anti-senescence effects.

11:50-12:00 – May Fayad: Role of the mineralocorticoid receptor in the physiology of the adrenal cortex and the development of aldosterone producing adenomas.

12:00-12:10 – Oliver Thomas: An analysis of sodium intake throughout adulthood on later-life cognition.

12:10-12:20 – Sahar Samanbar: Angiotensin Type 2 Receptor (AT2R) stimulation reduces blood pressure and reverses endothelial dysfunction in a model of diet-induced obesity in mice.

12:20-12:30- Samuel Adu: Palmitoylation of NADPH Oxidase (Nox5) as a potential post-translational regulatory process

12:30-13:30                       Interlude

13:30-15:00                       Session 2

Chairs: Michael Bader (Germany), Gian Paolo Rossi (Italy),

(20 min each talk + 30 min general discussion)

  • Aging impairs neurovascular interface in the heart. Stefanie Dimmeler (Germany).
  • Sleep disturbance in cardiac disease: role of immune-mediated denervation of the pineal gland. Stefan Engelhardt (Germany).
  • Mechanisms of Autophagy in Cardiomyopathy. Junichi Sadoshima (USA).


15:00-16:30       Abstract session 2: Presentations of selected abstracts

9 ABSTRACTS (8 min presentation + 2 Discussion)

Chairs: Martina Cebova (Slovakia), Giacomo Rossitto (Italy)

15:00-15:10 –     Marta Martínez Casales: Effect of Nrf2 deletion in cardiovascular alterations associated to Ang II-induced hypertension.

15:10-15:20 –     Domenico Bagordo: Coronary flow reserve in primary aldosteronism.

15:20-15:30 –     Elvira Bragado García: Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonism prevents. inflammatory, profibrotic and osteogenic factor increase in perirenal adipose tissue of diabetic rats with chronic kidney disease.

15:30-15:40 –     Livia L Camargo: Vascular smooth muscle cell plasticity in human hypertension involves oxidative and ER stress.

15:40-15:50 –     María Cuesta-Corral: The impact of mitochondrial transplantation in cardiac damage associated with myocardial infarction.

15:50-16:00 –     Lídia Puertas-Umbert: Rolipram impacts on redox homeostasis and cell signalling in an experimental model of abdominal aortic aneurysm.

16:00-16:10 –     Oreste Lanza: Linking cardiac autonomic dysfunction, inflammation, and platelet reactivity in patients with acute coronary syndromes with or without coronary artery disease.

16:10-16:20 –     Stefano Bressa: Retinal Wall to Lumen Ratio in patients with angina and no coronary artery disease.

16:20-16:28 –     Poster Presentation: Paloma Palma Guzmán; Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonism reduces kidney damage and metalloproteinases MMP-2 and MMP-9 activities in diabetic rats with chronic kidney disease.

16:30-18.00       Session 3

Chairs: Marisol Fernandez-Alfonso (Spain), Koen Reesink (Netherlands)

(20 min each talk + 30 min general discussion)

Magnesium signaling in health and disease. Rhian M Touyz (Canada), Francisco Rios (Canada).

  • Microtubule network on arterial contractility. Thomas A Jepps (Denmark).
  • Angiotensinogen Suppression: A New Tool to Treat Cardiovascular and Renal Disease. Jan AH Danser (Netherlands).

18.00-18.15       Art in Science Session

18:15                    ECCR Annual business meeting – Members only

Saturday, November 25th (All times are CEST/CET)

09:00-10.30       Mindshift Network Forum

Including 6 ABSTRACTS (8 min presentation + 2 Discussion)

Chairs: Thomas Unger (Germany), Maria Christina Zennaro (France)

09:00-09:10 –     Dellaneira Setjiadi: Inappropriate Pulse Wave Velocity to Blood Pressure Level: Definition and Clinical Determinants.

09:10-09:20 –     Hala Ajjour: Assessment of dynamic Angiotensin II (Ang II) -induced calcium signals in primary human adrenocortical cells.

09:20-09:30 –     Julius Soudant: Interferon-stimulated gene 15 (ISG15) deletion protects against aldosterone-induced hypertension, cardiovascular and renal damage.

09:30-09:40 –     Ngoc Uyen Tran: Mitigating the effects of accelerated vascular ageing in hypertension.

09:40-09:50 –     Maryam Jadoon: Radiomics feature extraction for B-mode and radiofrequency images of the carotid arterial wall: a feasibility study

09:50-10:00 –     Nicolo’ Faedda: Vascular and hormonal interactions in primary aldosteronism.

10:00-10:30 –     Discussion and Forum activity

10:30-12:30       Abstract Poster session 1: Presentations of selected abstracts

11 ABSTRACTS (6 min presentation + 2 Discussion)

Chairs: Ana M Briones (Spain), Christian Delles (UK)

10:30-10:38 –     Giuseppe Palmieri: The impact of sex and dialytic age on sympathetic nervous system activation and cardiovascular risk in patients on chronic dialytic treatment.

10:38-10:46 –     Clement Byiringiro: Effects of Macrolides on Vascular Cells and Blood Pressure Control.

10:46-10:54 –     Gianluca Baldini: May Measure Month 2022 in Italy: Results of a Nationwide Survey.

10:54-11:02-      Domenico Bagordo: Coronary sinus diameter to estimate congestion predict survival.

11:02-11:10 –     Carme Ballester-Servera: Lysyl oxidase induced oxidative stress in calcific aortic valve disease and in atherosclerosis-associated calcification.

11:10-11:18 –     Matteo Lemoli: Microcirculation and SARS-CoV2 infection: a follow up study.

11:18-11:26 – Zoe González-Carnicero: TLR4 is involved in IL-1β-induced effects. Role of Nrf2.

11:26-12:04 –     Alice Bongrani: The lipolytic effect of zinc-alfa2-glycoprotein (ZAG) is related to its antioxidant activity: possible influence of glycosilation pattern.

12:04-12:12 –     Luigi Marzano: SOPRANO Study Unveils Clinical and Biochemical Outcomes Post-Adrenalectomy for Primary Aldosteronism in Reference Centers.

12:12-12:20 – Maria Fernanda Fussi: Sex differences in the response to ischemic acute kidney injury and C21 nephroprotection.

12:20-12:28 – Martina Cebova: Effect of the Nitric Oxide Donor Nicorandil on Biochemical Parameters After Experimentally Induced Myocardial Infarction.

 12:30: 13.00      Interlude

 13:00-14.15       Abstract Poster session 2: Presentations of selected abstracts

9 ABSTRACTS (6 min presentation + 2 Discussion)

Chairs: Marta Gil-Ortega, (Spain) Francisco Rios (Canada)

13:00-13:08 – Muhammad Saad Salman: Dietary sodium over the adult lifecourse and cardiac remodelling.

13:08-13:16 –     Raquel Delgado Sarafian: Putative role of Notch3 in Brown and White Adipose Tissue.

13:16-13:24 – Raisa Brito Santos: Voluntary exercise exacerbates the fibrosis in the kidney induced by folic acid in male C57BL/6J mice.

13:24-13:32 – Rita Ribeiro-Oliveira:  Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitory activity elicited by brewing peptides: influence of the oral route and vascular microenvironment.

13:32-13:40 – S. Ruvira: Alterations in mesenteric resistance artery function in females exposed to fetal undernutrition.

13:40-13:48 – Safiya Abdi Shugri Ahmed: Investigations on the molecular interactions of angiotensin-(1-5) with the angiotensin AT2-receptor for receptor activation.

13:48-13:56 – Sara Jiménez-González: The interaction between Galectin-3 and endoplasmic reticulum stress mediates the cardiac alterations associated with myocardial infarction in obese rats.

13:56-14:04 – V. López-Miranda: Effect of TLR4 blockade on cardio-metabolic and renal alterations caused by diet induced metabolic syndrome. Modulation of the TLR4/MYD88/NLRP3 axis expression.

14:04-14:12 – Alejandro Montoro-Garrido: The use of mitochondrial transplantation on the management of renal complications associated with cardiorenal syndrome.

 14:15-15:45       Session 4

Chairs: Christian Delles (UK),  Carmine Savoia (Italy)

(20 min each talk + 30 min general discussion)

  • Oxidative stress in hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Augusto Montezano (Canada).
  • Inflammatory Signature of Human Hypertension: From Regulatory to Exhausted T Cells. Tomasz T Guzik (UK).
  • Hypertension, Immune system, Neurovascular Dysfunction, and Cognitive Impairment. Lorenzo Carnevale (Italy).


15:45-16:15       Key point lecture

Introduction: Carmine Savoia (Italy)

Cardiovascular research and publishing in the era of AI. Michael Ryan (USA).

16:15-16:30       Closing remarks.

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