Marta Gil-Ortega

Full Name: Dr. Marta Gil-Ortega

Education: Degree in Pharmacy (2006) and PhD in Pharmacy (2010) by San Pablo CEU University (Madrid, SPAIN).

Date of Birth: 02/10/1983

Place of Employment: Department of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences. Faculty of Pharmacy. San Pablo CEU University (Madrid, SPAIN).

Current Research or area of work:

Dr. Gil-Ortega has dedicated most of her research to the study of the mechanisms involved in obesity-induced vascular and metabolic alterations, by paying special attention to the modulatory role of perivascular adipose tissue on vascular function. Currently, she is a member of the Group for the study of cardiometabolic health (GESCAMET) leaded by Prof. Fern√°ndez-Alfonso and her research lines are focused on elucidating the mechanisms involved in the development of functional and structural vascular alterations derived from obesity and/or albuminuria, and the identification/development of novel potential pharmacotherapeutic strategies.

Leadership Roles

Course coordinator (4th year) of the degrees in Pharmacy and Biotechnology (San Pablo CEU University).

Reason for joining ECCR

I attended the ECCR meeting for the first time in 2007, just a few months after having started my PhD and, at that moment, I really appreciated the friendly environment I found, and the time that senior researchers dedicated to young investigators. ECCR meetings are not too big but big enough to favour the integration of early career researchers into the scientific community. Joining the Early Career Researchers group gives me the opportunity to support new initiatives and activities dedicated to young researchers and to promote communication and cooperation between them.