Maria Bloksgaard, PhD

Maria Bloksgaard, PhD., associate professor

B.Sc. Biomedicine, M.Sc. Molecular Biology, PhD molecular biophysics

Current Research or area of work

Understanding vascular physiology and pathophysiology with focus on the effect of external and circulating factors (hormones, metabolites, pharmacological agents) on functional and structural changes in vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells (acute effects) in relation to vascular (dys)function and (re-)remodeling of the extracellular matrix (chronic effects). Primary interest is in resistance arteries from ageing, hypertensive, and diabetic humans with residual cardiovascular diseases. Secondary projects concern aortic wall remodeling.

The primary wet laboratory methods for studying the above are ex vivo live tissue physiology and pharmacology by means of fluorescence microscopy, biomechanical (wire- and pressure myography, biaxial mechanical biotesting) and pharmacological methods (acute effects of pharmacological interventions). Immunohistochemistry. Cell and tissue cultures and animal models are used for mechanistic insight when required. In the dry laboratory we apply semi and fully automated quantitative image analyses. Mathematical modeling of wet lab mechanical and functional data. Meta-analyses of wet lab data and clinical data (chronic vascular effects of patients’ clinical profile and medical treatments).

Leadership Roles

MB serves as board member of the Danish Cardiovascular Research Academy, SDU Imaging and the SDU-IMM Confocal Core Unit, and now the ECCR. Locally, she is coordinator of the local working environment group in the Cardiovascular and Renal research unit.

Reason for joining ECCR 

I like learning from colleagues and participating in fruitful discussions, locally, nationally, and internationally. By joining the ECCR I come closer to my dear European colleagues, learn to know new colleagues, and importantly, can contribute to a network for both junior and senior scientists were joint discussions bring new science and ideas.

Favourite book that you would recommend and why.

Currently I am reading Deepak Chopra, I like challenging both mind and soul while reading.

Journals that you find interesting.

Well, that is difficult. What I find the most interesting is new reports where different fields of science join forces to answer challenging questions on human health and disease.

Something personal about yourself outside of work (something you enjoy doing, an unusual hobby or challenge)

I love my garden and greenhouse, and spend a lot of time there as soon as weather allows.