ECCR Monthly News Bulletin – June 2019

Dear Members,

Welcome to the ECCR newsletter.

We are planning on using these newsletters as a way of communicating with you more regularly to inform you on what is going on within the Society.

This has been an exciting time for the ECCR as our leadership works on new initiatives and plans for the Council. As a start we will be keeping our members well informed of activities through these newsletters. These newsletters will be a format for communications between our members and the ECCR leadership.

We look forward to receiving any news items or information that you would like to share with us through the newsletter.

The ECCR Leadership

As an introduction, we would like to remind you of the ECCR Leadership and welcome Professor Mattias Barton, University of Zurich, to the ECCR Executive Committee.

The Executive comprises:

President: Professor Rhian Touyz, United Kingdom

Ordinary Members:

Associate Professor Ana Briones, Spain

Professor Marisol Fernandez-Alfonso, Spain

Dr Ludovit Paulis, Slovakia

Professor Olga Pechanova, Slovakia

Dr Marko Poglisch, Austria

Professor Koen Reesink, The Netherlands

Professor Carmine Savoia, United Kingdom

We are also very fortunate to have consulting executive members Thomas Unger, Gian Paulo Rossi, Muscha Steckelings.

At its recent meeting held in Amsterdam in April 2019, the Executive Council identified a number of new activities, which will be priorities for the next few years including

  • New communications platforms
  • Network for young investigators
  • Membership drive
  • Scientific meetings, with the focus on ‘Hypertension and cardiometabolic disease


The ECCR website is under construction and therefore there is limited content available. We appreciate your patience with this matter.

We would like to welcome any suggestions that you may have of what you would like to see and access via the ECCR website. Please get in touch with the Secretariat directly at to discuss this further.