Professor Christian Delles


Current Employment: University of Glasgow, Head of the School of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health

Council Member, European Society of Hypertension

Hon. Treasurer, Association of Physicians of Great Britain

and Ireland

Chair, Clinical Academic Training Advisory Committee,

University of Glasgow

Reason they joined ECCR in particular why you wanted to be on the Committee

I have a keen interest in supporting the careers of the next generation of cardiovascular researchers., The ECCR provides a forum for research into a wide range of cardiovascular diseases and thereby facilitaes communication across different disciplines.

Favourite book that you would recommend and why

“Karl Brandt: The Nazi Doctor”. This book documents how medicine and power were connected in the “Third Reich”.

Journals that you find interesting

National Geographic. Much more interesting than the medical literature…

 Interesting articles

Presenting complaint: use of language that disempowers patients. BMJ 2022; 377 (doi: A good reminder of how important communication is.

Something personal about yourself outside of work.

There is nothing unusual about me. But I enjoy any activities that involve fresh air – cycling, gardening, walking.