European Council for
Cardiovascular Research

ECCR 2019

22nd Meeting of the European Council for

Cardiovascular Research (ECCR) –

4 – 6 October 2019


Theme: Hypertension and Cardiometabolic Disease

Park Hotel Villa Fiorita – Via Giovannie XXIII, 1
31050 Monastier di Treviso


The 22nd Meeting of the ECCR focused on recent advances in hypertension and cardiometabolic disease with an emphasis on translational research from discovery science to human disease.

Highlights of the 22nd Meeting

  • The programme included state-of-the art lectures by keynote speakers, training sessions, workshops and abstract sessions with dedicated time for trainees and new investigators.
  • Special awards were given to trainees and fellows
  • There were many social activities and networking opportunities

Programme outline

An exciting and comprehensive programme that covered major topics in the field including:

  • Vascular, endocrine and renal mechanisms in hypertension
  • Vascular biology and pathophysiology
  • Vascular aging, senescence and angiogenesis
  • Adipose biology and cardiometabolic disease
  • Vascular-associated systems – lymphatics and the blood brain barrier
  • Obesity, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease